Relaxing in Regina

Yesterday was our first “real” full day of vacation. So we slept in until 10:30…hahaha no, we have Eden along, who am I kidding? We got up pretty much at the normal time, but took things slow. Eden had a bath in the giant tub (well, in a Rubbermaid container, in the giant tub), and we went to the farmer's market, which conveniently operates Wednesday mornings less than a block from our condo!

Why don't we use the WHOLE tub?

We walked around, bought corn and potatoes for supper, had lunch from a food truck, picked up some fruit, and I took my camera out at last.

At the market


The grass is delicious.

Then we went shopping…to a thrift store (among other things, I found Tintin and Choose Your Own Adventure books!), and a used book store that I saw earlier (bought nothing; after the thrift store it seemed so expensive!), and a paper store (which Ali and I wanted to buy most of, but we restrained ourselves). Then it was back home for supper (the corn was fantastic), and then it was Eden's bedtime.

Yep, the corn's fresh.

Eden disagreed, though, so we went for a walk…through the mall. In the middle of the mall there's an old stone façade from the Canadian Bank of Commerce. For no particular reason I went and read the plaque on it, and learned that it came from Winnipeg! Apparently it was originally on a bank in Winnipeg and then they moved the whole thing to Regina to put on a bank there. Seems like a lot of work, but I guess it's cheaper than making a new one?

All the way from Winnipeg.

We started cleaning the condo and packing our bags last night, because we're leaving today. This morning we went out for breakfast to a place that a coworker recommended: “Fresh & Sweet”. Apparently it's been on the Food Network, on “You Gotta Eat Here”. It was within walking distance, but it turns out that their big breakfast menu with features like the Caramel Apple Pie Waffle is only available on weekends. Oh well. It was pretty good anyway — the toasted cinnamon bun is worth a repeat visit sometime.

The stuffed dog is not actually a family member.

Fresh & Sweet. It got a lot busier while we were there.

This is where the farmer's market was yesterday.

And now we're getting ready to pack up and drive out to Kelvington and Wadena. I probably won't blog at all while we're there…maybe a really short post or two from my phone, but I'm not going to have wifi for my laptop or iPad. We hope to be in Edmonton on Saturday evening, and I'll have Internet access again then!

Scarth Street, where we've been living.

Our condo is the third floor of The Northern Bank.



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  1. Nice to see the corn had extra protein. Dad

  2. We drove by the Fresh and Sweet on Sunday morning and I guessed it was a breakfast place. I would have eaten there if I had the chance!

    Have a great time in Wadena/Kelvington!

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