A quiet Sunday

Day 23: Rogers, MN. 5,909.4 km.

Today was, in a way, our “day off” from our trip. There are only a few days left on our vacation, and they're scheduled for shopping and driving. Today was our day of rest.

After breakfast (no waffles, but fantastic cinnamon rolls!), we were hoping to watch the Grace church service on my iPad. Unfortunately, the wifi in our room is extremely unreliable, and we could only watch about five seconds at a time. After struggling with that for a bit, we resigned ourself to it not working, and decided to get out of our hotel room.

We found a small coffee shop nearby (“Caribou Coffee”, which is a chain we've seen in a few places) and went for a coffee and snack. We ended up sitting at our table for 2-3 hours, talking, using the coffee shop's wifi on our phones, and playing checkers (Ali won).

A decisive victory

We also realized that we hadn't thought about what we'd do for supper today. We ended up going to a grocery store (actually a Super Target) and picked up some food to eat in our hotel room. In the parking lot, I gave a boost to a local with a dead battery, whose wife declared “Well, Minnesota Nice failed but Canada Nice came through!” (She also said she could hear my accent; I haven't really noticed the locals speaking differently than Winnipegers/Canadians, but Ali says she's heard a difference.)

Caribou Coffee

After we got back to our hotel room, we napped, watched a bit of a movie, read, and generally relaxed. After supper we went down to the hot tub for a bit, and now I expect we'll probably turn in a bit early.



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  1. Sounds like a nice ending to a busy trip. Reality resumes again soon. Enjoy your last couple days of R&R!

    (And re the previous post -I’m catching up this morning- : yes I find the LEGO girl creepy, but maybe if I knew who she was it would be better…)

  2. We too have run into the crappy internet connection issue in hotels, most recently in Richmond Hills Georgia on our trip to Hilton Head. I don’t understand why this is still an issue in 2014 but it seems to be.

    Oh well, it sounds like it was a nice relaxing day and by now you both probably needed one.


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