My birthday, again

Day 21: Guelph, ON. 4,338.9 km.

Our day (the 15th; late post again!) started bright and early, with Ali telling my “Happy birthday!” at 3:00 AM, when Kailynn woke us up by crawling in bed with us (something we were told to expect while Erica was gone). Ali got up at around 7:00 to send the older boys off to school, and when they were gone, she went back to bed and I got up and watched Davin and Kailynn (and fed them breakfast).

Then it was mostly just another day around the house. I cleaned out the car in preparation for the drive home, and measured it to see how (and if) our cabinet would fit in it (turns out, it should fit no problem, with room to spare).

After the boys came home, we watched Despicable Me 2 (because it was my birthday), and Ali and Kailynn ran out to Walmart for a bit of shopping. We had spaghetti for supper, I went downstairs and played Mario Kart with the boys for a bit, and then when Erica got home, I got to open presents!

Mom's home!

Kailynn picked the card.

Everyone wants to see

Hey Pamela, look what *I* got!

I got spoiled with tea for our new Keurig, a widget for brewing loose tea by the cup, and a gorgeous Doctor Who graphic novel collection (from Ali, who knows what I like!). Then it was bedtime for the boys, and, before long, for us.

Auntie Ali has been busy these last few days. I think it's time to bring her somewhere quiet. (Photo credit: Davin)



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  1. Looks like it was happy!

    LOVE the photo of Ali 🙂

  2. Ali — looks like you need a vacation from your vacation!
    Made me laugh 🙂
    love, Mom S

  3. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Looks like you had a great birthday. CONGRATULATIONS FROM ALL OF US.

    Mom and Dad Veenendaal

  4. Hi Darryl
    It’s your birthday… again. Sorry I’m a day late! Looks like you had a great day. Happy birthday anyway and God’s blessings in the year ahead. Ali could use a holiday I think…
    Aunt Tina (and Uncle Ed)

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