Playing house

Day 20: Guelph, ON. 4,332.5 km.

Today was probably the quietest day of our trip so far. All four boys had school today, so it was just me, Ali, and Kailynn for most of the day…and Kailynn went and lied down with Ali for a bit after the boys left on the bus. So we slept in (sort of), did some laundry, went shopping (I bought a board game at a thrift store), and generally hung around. Oh, and I hung a chandelier, because it needed hanging, so why not?

Kailynn made sure we weren't bored, though, with her nonstop nattering about everything around her and a frequent sing-songy call of “Un-ca DAR-ryl!” And then the boys got home from school and any chance of silence vanished.

And now the boys are all in bed (Johnny left for bed as I was typing this), it actually IS quiet in the house, and I'm sure we'll be heading to bed too before too long. I booked our hotels for the return trip to Winnipeg today…this long (and enjoyable) trip is slowly wending its way to a close.


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  1. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    We can fully appreciate your comments about quietness and noise. We are enjoying the (almost too) quiet the last few weeks. Enjoy your last day there.
    PS: How many of those cookies are left?

    Mom and Dad Veenendaal

  2. Daryl, enjoy the quiet. Here the walls are rattling b.c a certain someone (I won’t mention any names) snores rather loudly πŸ˜‰ Nothing a good solid pillow thrown across the room won’t fix! Happy to hear it’s not that bad to take care of 5 kids, hopefully now is a good time to tell you that we won’t be home until Saturday then?? Erica spent too much at hobby lobby so they won’t let her back over the border… Lol

    • If Erica’s not home until Saturday, I hope she’s got a different babysitter lined up, because we’ve got hotels booked for the drive home already πŸ™‚

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