Not my typical vacation

Day 19: Guelph, ON. 4,306.6 km.

This morning, Erica left for a short vacation to the US. Which means Ali and I are left here with five kids. Who's vacation is this, again? 🙂

My day got off to an easy start, at any rate, because Ali let me sleep in. By the time I got up, three of the kids were gone to school and Erica was just on her way out the door. We spent the day with Davin and Kailynn, puttering around the house. I did some work on Erica's computer, Ali spent some time organizing and cleaning, I emptied out our car so we could clean it before the trip home, and overall it was a fairly low-key day.

Low-key is nice, though, as Erica's not back until Wednesday — we've got two more days yet! The kids are pretty good — loud, but good — and I can't really complain. But I also don't have much to write about as a result.

Davin did ask me this morning, “Uncle Darryl, are you going to make the same peanut butter cookies that you did last time?” Well, I wasn't planning to, but since he asked…

Final count: 112. How quickly will five kids go through those?



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  1. My guess is FAST!

  2. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Guaranteed if they taste a good as they look they won’t last long. Hopefully you get to have some too.

  3. Have a good time with the kids. Quality time is nice, but there is something to be said for quantity time, too. I’m sure you’ll make some good memories, both for them, and for you.

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