Happy birthday to me!

Day 18: Guelph, ON. 4,306.6 km.

Well, here we are, in Guelph again for a few days. It's nice to be able to sit somewhere and “relax” (as much as possible in a house with five kids!) before starting the (casually-paced) trip back to Winnipeg.

Today (Sunday, that is…these late posts are becoming a habit!) was simple. We got up fairly late (I actually forgot it was Sunday!), went to church, and then afterwards, Trevor, Kelly, Lars, Owen, and Arlene came from Strathroy for an (early) birthday party for me!

We had had a bit of a discussion about what cake I wanted; first we were going to buy one, then Erica was going to make one, then I got asked what I wanted, and then Kailynn suggested “Sean's cake” — a trifle — which is what we ended up having. (“Sean's cake”, because that's what Sean had for his birthday…and that only happened because Kailynn destroyed the cake that Erica had made for him!) It was delicious, and huge; we only ate about half of it…and Lars had four helpings!

Singing Happy Birthday

Mmm, trifle!

By the time everything was wrapped up and we went to bed, I was too tired to load up my photos and put a blog post together, so that's why this is late.

It was a wild party.

But it was a nice evening — thanks to Ali, Erica, Owen, and Trevor for planning it, preparing dinner and dessert, and/or making the trip to Guelph!



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  1. You didn’t note that it was an early birthday party. I guess you’ll get a late one too once you finally return home. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Perhaps we could have the other half of the cake. It looks like Lars enjoyed his share. Enjoy your time with the kids.

    Mom and Dad Veenendaal

  4. Hey!! It’s not your birthday yet!
    You were born 2 weeks early and now you want to celebrate early too??? I’ll wait until the 15th to congratulate you.
    love, MOM

  5. Happy Birthday Darryl! We did not have great internet access yesterday. Glad you had fun! Love, Uncle Ed and Aunt Tina Safe travels!!!

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