Catching up

This is a blog post from the past! I'm writing it in bits and pieces and don't know when I'll get internet access to post it, but here goes:

On Friday, Ali and I said goodbye to Guelph and drove to Hamilton, and, ultimately, Brantford, where we're staying with Ali's friend Rachel. Ali used to live in Hamilton/Ancaster, so she's somewhat familiar with the area, and so she started doing some of the driving. We didn't do anything super-exciting…a little quick shopping at the mall, then homemade pizza for supper, and some visiting with Rachel and her friend Conrad. I did get to see a bunch of old pictures of Ali hanging out with her friends from Carman, all before I knew her. Kind of weird!

Pizza toppings, tastefully arranged!

On Saturday, we slept in, took Rachel out for breakfast at a little diner place that's practically next door to her house, and then Ali and I went to a flea market (bought nothing), visited Dundurn Castle (bought admission), and went to the mall again (bought some clothes).

Upstairs in Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle isn't a castle; it's really just a big old maison that the locals called a castle. It's all restored to what it would have looked like around 1830-1850, and you get a tour of a big chunk of it, seeing where the family lived, where the servants lived, and getting a feel for what life was like. It was pretty interesting, and the first “tourist” thing we've done on this trip!

The great big dining room, all decked out for Christmas dinner

Dundurn trivia: the guy who built this place was the great-great-great-grandfather of Camilla Parker Bowles!

Saturday evening, Rachel's sisters and a couple of friends (including, confusingly, one named Rachel!) came to visit. I went and lied down super early (around, oh, 9:00 or so?) because I was weirdly tired, and wasn't feeling social at ALL and figured I'd just get cranky if I tried to stay up.

Sunday started warm (-1° C) and snowy. We went to church, and went for a drive to see some of Ali's old haunts, like the houses she lived in in Hamilton (and some of the ice storm damage as well). Then we had dinner with Rachel's parents/family, which was nice. We knew bad weather was coming so we were thinking about getting a head start on our drive to Montreal, but after the snow and freezing rain, the consensus was, better wait till morning and play it by ear.

So, here we are: Monday morning, in a Starbucks, getting a quick bite and wifi for the first time in a few days, so I can post this post :-). It sounds like the highways are slow and messy but certainly driveable, so we're hoping to make it to Montreal today. We'll keep an eye on the roads, though, and if we have to stop somewhere along the way, we will.



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  1. Mom and Dad V do you remember going to Dundurn castle?

  2. Good to hear from you two! Happy travels today – I’m looking forward to some pics of Montreal. We’re just staying warm inside.:) T and K were happy to go back to school today.

  3. I’ve never been to that castle, drove past it many times!!

  4. I second Mel’s comment that it’s good to hear from you. I was becoming accustomed to daily posts 🙂 Wishing you safe travels to Montreal!

  5. Peter and Trudy Veenendaal

    I don’t think Mom and I have ever been to Dundurn Castle. I was going to comment on how nice it looks and maybe we need to go there sometime.
    Drive safely. It sounds like your weather is better than ours.


  6. That last photo reminds me of some of the stuff you see at Lower Fort Garry. Would it be around the same time period, do you think?

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