Quick update

For those wondering: We're still in Hamilton/Brantford. The weather is pretty miserable: snow / freezing rain. We were thinking of leaving for Montreal tonight and getting a head start past Toronto but changed our mind because of the storm. At this point we're HOPING to leave for Montreal tomorrow (which was our original plan) but we're going to play it by ear depending on the weather.

Also, my email is down and I still have very limited internet access so I can't fix it. Ali's email is working though, if anyone needs to get in touch. (And I can get text messages but iMessage is sketchy.)



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  1. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Too bad you are losing the time. But better play it safe than be in an accident or stranded in some strange place. We are still enjoying beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and FREEEZZZING temperatures. So far, the vehicles (and people) have started every morning. Hope that continues. Back to work tomorrow for those of us who go to school. Probably a good thing because all that eating has not been good for us.
    Mom and Dad veenendaal

  2. Looks like every place in North America is experiencing lousy weather. Even here in South Carolina they are complaining about the weather, although for us it’s much better than what we’re used to. We are happy though that we got here ahead of the storms that are hitting the USA.
    Hope you have a safe trip to Montreal once the weather clears up
    Mom S.

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