Day 7: Guelph, ON. 2,389.7 km.

For the first day this trip, we didn't add any kilometers to our odometer. We just stayed put.

We started the day off right: by sleeping in. The VanLuik kids were still here from our New Year's party last night — they slept over — and their parents came to join us for a big old brunch.

After that, there's not a lot to say, really. Some of the kids stayed in their pajamas all day, that's how relaxed a day it was. We had an afternoon nap, I did some origami, Ali did some crochet, the kids played Wii and Minecraft and games on the various iPhones/iPods/iPads that we have around here, and so on. Ali and I started playing Draw Something with Thomas, which was fun, but then it was “bedtime” so we had to stop for the night (long past bedtime, really; oh well!).

The one productive thing we did was just before bed: we found and booked a cute little hotel for our stay in Montreal. Looking forward to that!



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  1. Trudy Veenendaal

    Hello everyone in Guelph. Obviously a very relaxing day. Hope you all get some sleep tonight. All’s well here. Still cooooolllllldddd and lots of snow. Nice and warm inside. I think we watched more movies in the last week than in my previous 63 years. [?]

    Dad and Mom Veenendaal

  2. That does look like a cute B&B in Montreal. I hope it lives up to its expectations!

  3. I just read all your adventures glad to hear you are having a good trip. Happy New Year and continued safe and exciting travels to both of you.

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