New Year’s Eve in Guelph

Day 6: Guelph, ON. 2,389.7 km.

First of all, before I forget again: thanks to everyone who's been leaving comments! Ali and I both read them all and look forward to them!

We started this snowy day by driving half an hour to Elmira, to go to a place called At The Crossroads Family Restaurant, which is (locally) famous for its weekend breakfast buffet. Since it's not actually the weekend, though, we got the smaller weekday buffet. But you know what, it was big enough! Bacon, eggs, sausage, fruit, pancakes, toast, cinnamon rolls, and more, all you can eat for eight bucks — delicious AND reasonable!

It was a neat little place in an area of Ontario that has a lot of — I think — Old Order Mennonites, so we passed a few horses-and-buggies on the way there. (Didn't get a picture, because I was driving!) After breakfast, we browsed around the two stores attached to the restaurant; a sort of gift shop called The Mercantile, and a quilting store called Quilter's Nine Patch. We didn't buy anything but they were neat places to wander around.

Next stop was a little bit of shopping in Waterloo to pick up a few items we needed. I wouldn't mention it except that I was amused that one of the cashiers, upon learning that we were from Winnipeg, commented that we hadn't managed to escape the cold by coming to Ontario. I disagreed; I'll take “-11° C, snowy, and windy” over -28° C any day!

The rest of the day was pretty sedate…though I made oliebollen / apple fritters, which was something new! Well, Erica had made the batter; I just fried them up. They came out pretty random sizes but they seemed successful!

Then after church, Erica went out to a New Year's party and we were left to babysit her five kids plus three extras! It went fairly well; mostly we left them to their own devices, confirmed that the house wasn't burning down and nobody was likely to sustain a major injury, and then watched the countdown at midnight.

Then it was snacks and bedtime — for the kids, and soon, for us…after an unexpected but welcome video call from Pamela, Nik, Alexa, and everyone else at my parents' party!

Happy New Year, everyone!



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  1. Glad you joined in on our party via video!! And, hey, you had oliebollen and we did not! By the way, they always come out in random sizes.
    Happy New Year to you both. We missed you but are glad you are having a memorable trip.
    …love, MOM S.

  2. Love the snow people pic. Sooo cute. Looks like all the kids had a great night. Happy new year!!

  3. Trudy Veenendaal


    New Year’s Eve at John Mann Place was not quite as exciting as at Bowen Drive but we had a good evening with great food and drink.Church was far from full last night. Not many kids there. Today’s high is forecast to be only minus 25, so not bad at all. Grandma and Uncle Sy are coming for tea this afternoon. Have a blessed day!

    Dad and Mom Veenendaal

  4. I’ve heard of dressing up for New Year’s Eve but the kids in the photos certainly had a different take on it 🙂 Looks like they had fun…and I trust from the bottle of scotch that you had a good time too!

  5. Hope you continue to have a good time. I enjoy reading your blog so keep posting.

    We should be leaving on our trip in the next hour or so and I’m really looking forward to leaving this ridiculously cold weather behind. By Thursday night we should experience plus temps.


  6. That breakfast buffet sounds fantastic. I always hope that we can find something like that that is local. My favourite breakfast buffet is at the Delta hotel… in downtown Regina. It’s a bit of a commute. 😉

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