Gone to Guelph

Day 5: Guelph, ON. 2,285.8 km.

Today, we slept in!

For the first time this trip, we didn't have any reason to get up at any particular time. So, we slept in until, oh, 9:30 or 10:00 or so (though apparently Lars was awake at about 6:30).

When we did get up, we visited with Kelly, played with Lars, and finally went out to explore Strathroy at around noon. We went for lunch at the Strathroy Ale House, which is in a beautiful old post office building. That was really our first “dining out” experience of the trip so far (lunch at Pizza Hut doesn't count!), so it was a nice way to spend an hour.

Afterwards we went to explore the Strathroy Antique Mall β€” just browsing, not shopping! β€” which was much bigger than we expected. Then the plan was to go wander around town a bit and take some pictures, but it was cold, and the weather wasn't fantastic for photos, so we went to Tim Horton's for hot chocolate (we are, after all, in Ontario), and went back to Kelly and Trevor's place to pack up.

A note on the “cold”: Yes, I realize that it's -30 or something in Winnipeg right now, and it was, I don't know, -9 or so in Strathroy, so I'm not expecting a whole lot of sympathy from back home. But: first, -9 here is a lot colder than -9 in Winnipeg, because of the humidity, and second, we weren't dressed for it, and third, whatever, it's our vacation, stop judging us πŸ™‚

We took our time packing our bags, jammed everything into the car (which seemed just as full as before, even though we left some stuff behind!), said goodbye to Kelly and Lars, and drove to Guelph.

We got there (here?) at about 7:00, said hi to Erica and the kids, unloaded all our stuff into the basement, and gave the kids the presents we couriered from Winnipeg (some from us, some from Grandma and Grandpa).

Then we chatted with Erica, I spent some time setting up the computer that I brought for the family, and we went to bed.

Oh, and we saw the wedding present that we need to bring back to Winnipeg!

It'll be a bit challenging fitting that into our car, but it'll be worth it!



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  1. Nice photos / funny blog (ha! minus 9) — have a good visit!!
    …MOM S

  2. Psst…..-50 with the windchill tonight. Just saying. But you know, have a nice trip. Don’t freeze or anything. πŸ˜‰

  3. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves over there. We are too – inside. We’ll save some cold for you guys though. enjoy your time in Guelph.

    Dad and Mom Veenendaal

  4. Strathroy is a pretty town, isn’t it? Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves – and it’s fun to see the kids experiencing another round of Christmas πŸ™‚

  5. That apothecary chest is so gorgeous!

    • I needed to look up the phrase “apothecary chest”! It’s a refinished card catalogue, actually, but “apothecary chest” sounds better than “cabinet thing with lots of drawers”.

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