Lazy Sunday

Day 4: Strathroy, ON. 2,111.5 km

Sunday! Not much to report, because we didn't do much. Went to church, had cake and coffee, took Lars to feed the geese but the geese weren't there (and it was a little rainy and cold anyway), went “home” and chatted into the evening, went to bed.

That's a pretty short post, so here are some pictures of Lars!



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  1. I think this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever read from you!
    Glad you had a safe trip so far. Enjoy!
    Aunt Tina

  2. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Beautiful pictures. I wonder who is the center of attention?
    Sleep well and “see” you tomorrow.
    Dad and Mom Veenendaal

  3. Real nice pix. I truly like the one of little Lars by himself. What a warm smile.

  4. Nice pictures!

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