Back to Canada!

Day 3: Strathroy, ON. 2,109.1 km.

We slept in this morning, ate a great big breakfast at our hotel (eggs, toast, tea, coffee, chocolate milk, orange juice, donuts, yoghurt), and wandered outside at around 9:30 AM to brave the wintry Indiana weather:

It was beautiful again today — we hit temperatures of around 7° C again, and the roads were, once again, clean and dry. It feels like spring here: the snow is melting, we're not wearing jackets, and the grass is even green in places! The snow tires we put on our car before leaving haven't had a chance to make a difference for us, but we aren't complaining! Especially since we hear Manitoba was hit by snow and cold!

We made an early stop in Michigan City, Indiana to visit a Hobby Lobby store — an American chain that Ali was interested in. It was huge, and full of tempting things:

Of course we bought some stuff: Ali got crochet and sewing supplied, and I got origami and papercraft supplies. Then we hit the road and headed to Michigan. We stopped more often today than on the previous days…first at the Hobby Lobby, then at a rest stop near Lansing, MI to stretch our legs:

Then we stopped at another rest stop, between Lansing and Portland, so I could check the map they had posted and confirm that, yes, we were on the wrong interstate :-(.

It was our only navigational error of the trip, and it happened because our directions said we needed I-69 North, and the exit sign was for I-69 East. We realized the mistake pretty quickly and turned around at the next exit (Portland, MI, where we also got gas), and it only cost us 15-20 minutes or so.

After that, we cruised for the border! Canada, yay!

We pulled up to Trevor & Kelly's place in Strathroy around 6:00, having lost an hour early in the morning due to the time change, where we had supper, delivered various packages from Winnipeg, and visited with Trevor, Kelly, Owen, Arlene, and of course Lars, who loved the belated Christmas gifts.

And now we're heading to bed! Tomorrow we should be going to sleep in the same city that we wake up in, which will be nice!



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  1. Glad your finding time to blog. Its nice to follow along, Your weather is definitely much better than ours. I spent almost two hours snow blowing today. Dad

  2. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Good to hear your trip went well. it looks like Lars was pretty happy to see you guys. Snow is very deep alongside my driveway. Have a great Sunday in Strathroy.

    Dad and Mom V

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