Road trip!

Day 1: Alexandria, MN. 538.6 km.

Well, time for a great big road trip! There are a lot of firsts: the longest vacation I've ever taken, the first road trip Ali and I have taken together, the first road trip that I've been the primary driver for, the farthest east I've ever driven…should be interesting! I can't promise that I'll blog every day, but we'll see how it goes!

We left fairly late, getting away from our house at about 1:30. But we knew we weren't planning a huge drive for the first day. And it was a boring, uneventful drive (thankfully!). The roads were clean, clear, and dry the whole way, and traffic was light. The border crossing took no time at all, and went smoothly (though I worried a bit when he asked where I worked and I remembered stories I've heard about border agents being reluctant to let unemployed people in).

We drove straight south to Fargo and then turned east. We arrived at our hotel in Alexandria (a small Minnesota city with about 11,500 residents) just after 7:00, and immediately heard someone say “You betcha“, which made me grin. I was glad to arrive, and glad that the hotel was easy to find, because I'd been driving in the dark for about an hour and learning that Minnesota doesn't give you any warning before the interstate curves, and doesn't put any reflectors up to show you where the road goes either!

At our hotel, we brought in everything that we didn't want to leave in the car overnight, confirmed that we didn't have any stowaways in the trunk (apparently that was a possibility), picked up supper (and re-learned what an American “small” drink looks like), and turned in for an early night. Tomorrow is our longest drive of the three-day trip; we're hoping to get a good night's sleep and get going on time so we arrive at our next hotel without too much driving after dusk.

No pictures today, and not much else to talk about, so, time for bed!



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  1. Mom and Dad Veenendaal

    Good to hear that you had a good and uneventful trip today. Mom spoke to Trevor who said that the Toet boys are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite aunt and uncle (:-).
    have a good night and drive safely again tomorrow.

    Dad and Mom

  2. Glad to hear of the good start today! Happy driving tomorrow.

  3. Stowaways… Hmmm 😉
    Have fun!

  4. Good to know day 1 went well. Enjoy your trip!
    Mom S.

  5. Boring travel is good! Blessings for another boring day 🙂

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