The long trip home

We’re in Dublin airport now, at the beginning of what’ll be a long day…metaphorically (we’ll be tired by the end) and literally (we gain six hours today, so it’s a 30-hour day).

The check-in process was very slow (and thorough…I’ve never had anyone actually weigh my carry-on before), and security was slow (but uneventful, apart from the guy in front of us who somehow set off the metal detector by walking too flamboyantly). We’ve filled out and turned in all our forms for tax refunds (for some of our larger purchases, we can reclaim a portion of the tax we paid. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s free, so why not?)

Our flight starts boarding in about half an hour, so it’s a good thing we got to the airport as early as we did…it took us a solid hour to get through all the check-in procedures and whatnot, and the lines were getting longer as we waited so it would have taken even longer if we arrived later. I’d hate to see this airport when it’s busy!

Anyway, we should be departing for Frankfurt in an hour or so. Our vacation is officially over! It’s been a great trip. Thanks for following along on the blog…I’ve really enjoyed getting all your comments and knowing that people back home were interested in what we were up to. And it means we won’t have to re-tell the same stories to everyone when we get home :-).


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  1. Hey! I was expecting an award for Most Loyal Follower, or some such! A comment for every post! And you weren’t even doing a giveaway!



    See you soon.

  2. Dave & Ellen

    Enjoyed following your trip on your blog! Have a safe flight home, see you soon. Love, Dad

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