A few missed photos from Glasgow

There were a few things we saw in Glasgow last night while looking for wifi, which resulted in me not having the photos for the blog post. But some of them are too good not to share, so here goes:

This is the band that I bought a CD from.

This is the busker that Pamela has a crush on.

This is probably not a TARDIS.

But we got a huge kick out of it anyway.



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  1. Great photos! I want to hear that CD now that I’ve seen the band 🙂

  2. Cool. Is that actually a functioning police box? Seems like it shouldn’t be real, somehow… Too iconic now.

    • We have no idea what it was! It’s not a proper police box with a phone and everything, but it does have a small locked door (about half-height). Through the windows, you can see that it’s full of boxes, and while we were eating dinner we saw a sketchy-looking dude come up, unlock it, take a couple boxes out, and leave. It’s a mystery.

      Also, this is the second one we saw, so there might be more,

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