We made it!

It took three airports, two flights, three train stations, two planes, a short walk, and directions from a friendly Welshman, but we’re here! The Sandringham hotel in Cardiff, Wales. I’ve never been to Wales before!

The plane ride from Ottawa to London was made a little interesting by sudden shouts of “Help!” and a call on the intercom for “Is there a doctor on the plane?” Quite near us, but in the other aisle so we couldn’t see what was going on, somebody had apparently fainted. After a few minutes and a bunch of confusion, he got up and seemed ok. Given the general sleep-deprivation and the darkened cabin, it was all kind of surreal.

Riding the Heathrow Express

After landing in Heathrow, we took the Heathrow express to Paddington Station…where, of course, you can buy all sorts of Paddington Bear stuff. It’s quite a nice building, actually…very big and light and airy. We grabbed something to drink and caught our train to Cardiff. There was a bit of a delay along the way due to “a fatality”…all the trains between Swindon and Bristol (I think) were being diverted, and we were actually the first train they had allowed through. Some passengers ended up likely to miss their connections as a result, but we had no connection to worry about, so that was fine.

Paddington Station

Our small but serviceable hotel room. And me!

It’s about 5:00 PM local time right now, but time has lost all meaning to us. Not counting catnaps, we’ve been up for something upwards of, if my math is right, 30 hours. It’s supper time. Pamela’s having a quick shower. I’m (obviously) blogging. We’re going to hang out here for, oh, maybe a half hour or so and then probably hit one of the three or four pubs we passed in the five-minute walk from the train station.

We’re only here for one night…tomorrow we go back to London. So we need to figure out how energetic we are tonight…we don’t want to exhaust ourselves but we don’t want to waste all night in the hotel room either. I might do another blog post tonight after we get back, depending on how much energy I have…

The view from our window


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  1. Glad to hear you arrived safely at your first destination. Did Pamela offer to help with the incident on the plane of was there a Doctor? I enjoyed the pictures. Dad

  2. Lots of posts already!! Looking forward to travelling along virtually with you.

  3. Photo of Paddington station is neat. Did you find platform 9 3/4?

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