Notes from Ottawa

We’re in Ottawa, and it’s very very humid in the airport and I don’t know why. We’ve got a couple hours to kill before the next flight so I’m writing another blog post.

The flight from Winnipeg was full of very excited 16-year-old girls. There was a water polo team flying back home to Hamilton (I think) or Ottawa (Pamela thinks). And our seats were right in the middle of their group! Seemed like it could make a for a loooong flight but they weren’t nearly as irritating as they had the potential to be! Mostly excited and having fun. They all applauded when the plane landed :-). One of the flight attendants really took a liking to them and kept feeding them trivia and interesting facts and joking around with them the whole flight.

Other notes:

  • There was a fair bit of turbulence on the flight. The announcements kept interfering with the in-flight movies.
  • Pamela watched Larry Crowne and I watched the new Sherlock Holmes (finished it JUST as we touched down!)
  • Half the shops in the terminal here are closed. But we got snacks at Tim’s.
  • I meant to buy an iPad accessory before leaving Winnipeg, but forgot. Then they were selling them from a vending machine in the airport! Also for sale in this vending machine: other random Apple cables, iPods, and even iPads. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen a vending machine sell a $619.00 item before.
  • We had an all-male flight crew. From the people at the boarding gate at the desk, to the person greeting you as you got on the plane, to the flight attendants…all males. Kind of unusual, that.
  • Did I mention it’s humid? It’s really quite unbelievable.
  • We just heard an announcement paging passenger “William Blaikie”, and Pamela said “Wait, like Bill Blaikie?” and I said, “Well, could be, we are in Ottawa…” (though that might not even make sense since I don’t think he’s in politics anymore). And then we looked over at the desk, and sure enough, there he was, talking to the desk agent. So apparently Bill Blaikie is on our flight to London. (We looked up a photo online just to be sure.)
  • Almost everything in the airport has now closed down. It’s kinda creepy. I wanted another donut but Tim’s is closed now. Most of the gates are abandoned. It’s like an airport out of a horror movie.
  • Some passengers saw fireworks out of the window as we landed.
  • Our flight’s about to board. More later!

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  1. The humidity was just to get you used to the British Isles.
    Have a great trip, you two!!
    love, MOM

  2. The Tim’s was even closed? That IS like a horror movie!

    *Also, because you mentioned how much you love comments, I aim to comment on every single post until you get back. I cannot guarantee any intelligence in the content.

  3. Dave & Ellen

    Hope you both have a wonderful trip. Darryl I frowarded your blog link to Jim as you requested. HAVE FUN!

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