A new beginning

It’s that time again… I’m off on vacation again! Pamela and I are sitting in Winnipeg airport right now, waiting for our flight to Ottawa (and from there to London). I hope to be blogging the vacation, like I always do. If you want, there should be a button off on the right to sign up for email notifications when I publish a new post.

Of course, since we haven’t even gotten on the plane yet, there’s not much to talk about, but since we have a half hour to kill and this airport has free wifi (like all good airports), this seemed like a good time to make sure that my blogging software was working properly.

It looks kind of gray and rainy outside…the sort of weather that we might see a lot of over the next few weeks, as we go around the UK. We’re packed for cool weather…if it ends up being hot we might be overdressed! We both managed to pack fairly light…my checked bag is just under 30 lbs! Since the Contiki limit is 44 lbs, I’m doing fine!

Since this is a photo blog, I might as well include a photo! Here’s a baby bunny that I scared out of my yard while mowing the lawn (yes, my grass was actually taller than the rabbit was!). At first I thought he was hurt…even that I might have hit him with the wheel of my lawnmower…because he was sitting kind of funny with one leg hanging down and was totally motionless; I could easily have reached down and picked him up if I wanted to. But later on he moved to a different spot and then some time later took off totally (though I didn’t see that).

I don’t know if these count as the first pictures of my trip, though, since I took them before I even left the house 🙂



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