It’s over!

I didn’t get a blog post up last night, for two reasons: First, I was really tired. Second, the shipboard Internet wasn’t working. So that sealed it.

It was a pretty nothing day, anyway. We sailed all morning, during which we got one last show from the magician. He’s really very good. While we were eating supper, we arrived in Victoria. Seems like a pointless stop: we arrived at 6:30 and had to leave at 11:30, so it’s the evening and you don’t have time to do anything. There’s a rumour going around that every ship “has to” make one Canadian stop; presumably that makes it an international vessel and it gets to follow laxer liquor and gambling laws or something.

Anyway, we (me, mom and dad, and Uncle Orville and Aunt Joan) went ashore and watched the sun set. Then we went back on the ship for the last time.

I was tempted to buy a cheesy Canada souvenir in memory of my visit to this strange land, but decided against it.

I fell asleep in Victoria last night and woke up in Seattle this morning. The ship is unloading and preparing for its next cruise very efficiently. It’s my turn to get off in about twenty minutes…then we go to our Seattle hotel for one night before flying back to Canada.


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  1. Like that sunset pic. We all (the sisters and my fam) had dinner here tonight, and then sat around and talked after Nik went to bed. Put Alexa in a ladybug costume that Pamela found her for Halloween, and had a good laugh while Pamela took a bunch of pictures. Have a safe trip back!

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