Up the tramway

I’ve got free Internet and free time, so I’m posting two blog posts today 🙂

Today, we wandered around Juneau. As previously mentioned, this is the capital city of Alaska. It’s got about 31,000 residents. There are at least four cruise ships in port so we’ve probably increased that population by 3,000 or more. Tourism’s a big thing here, with lots of tours you can go on and souvenirs you can buy. Gemstones and jewelry in particular are huge industries. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of buying a $10,000 necklace while on vacation, but there are people doing it. I saw one item with a six-digit price tag!

It’s odd, actually…there are a lot of really expensive and quite nice things…mostly jewelry and sculpture. And there’s a lot of the typical tourist souvenir stuff…t-shirts, hats, magnets, that sort of thing. I had a hard time finding something that was both nice and reasonable, though. I eventually bought a jade seal at a fairly upscale place. I’m happy with it, and that’ll be my major souvenir for the trip.

Several of us (me, mom, dad, and Aunt Erna) took a ride up a tramway that goes up Mount Roberts. There’s not a whole lot at the top: a gift shop, a restaurant, a documentary film, an eagle, a couple of scenic overlooks. It would have been kind of a waste of money, I think, except that there are also some hiking trails. Me and mom and dad hiked the short Alpine Loop (half a mile, with a lot of climbing) and then me and mom and Aunt Erna did it again, the other way.

I’m back in town now, and will shortly be heading back onto the boat. Tonight should be quiet…there’s dinner, and I’ll probably go to the song-and-dance show. I honestly forget where we’re going tomorrow, but since I’m not driving I guess that’s fine!


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  1. Nice pictures. Looks a little chilly though.

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