En Route

So it turns out that, from the sky, the mountains look like they do on a map: All wrinkly and roughly the same height.

Yes, I am once again on vacation and travel blogging. I wrote this in the sky, 311 km from Vancouver, and am posting it from Vancouver airport. (Nice airport, free wi-fi, pretty big but easy to get around.) We flew to Vancouver over Coquitlam (I think) and the view was very pretty: all mountains and winding roads and rivers with log rafts.

The in-flight map system is totally confused. It briefly showed the plane in the vicinity of Amsterdam and claims we’ve flown over 107,775 km. So according to that we’ve done well over 30,000 km/h. Not bad!

It’s been a pleasingly uneventful day thus far. Uncle Ed picked me up at about 9:00 am. We unfortunately went to the “old” airport terminal…the new one isn’t open yet but looks fantastic! In the current terminal you can visit a little room with photos bragging about the wonderful natural light and open spaces and free wi-fi in the new building, and when you’re done reading that you can go back and sit in the fluorescent lighting with low ceilings and no wi-fi in the current building.

While checking in, we saw some of the Blue Bombers in the airport, on their way to Regina for the Labour Day Classic. Dad leaned over and said, “Hey Darryl, there’s Buck Pierce. Go kick him in the knee!” After some consideration, I declined.

I have to say, what we saw didn’t reflect well on the team. Paul LaPolice told one of the players “Go spend $40 on a pair of pants” after he showed up dressed so casually that I could tell you the colour and pattern of his boxer shorts. And in the entire time we were waiting in line, not one single fan walked up to them and wished them luck. As far as we could tell, we were the only ones who actually noticed that the Bombers were present. (And we had a fairly long time to see, because a family in front of us had overweight bags, so there was quite a delay.) We all sort of regretted that none of us were wearing Rider gear.

Other than Mom’s shoes setting off the metal detector, though, everything’s been uneventful. I just finished watching The King’s Speech on the in-flight entertainment system – very good! – and I can feel the plane descending for our Vancouver stopover so I’m sure I’ll have to stop typing soon.

I will be trying to keep this blog going – with photos, of course – throughout the trip. Not sure yet how well that’s going to work, but we’ll see.


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