On the way home from work

I’m trying to get back in the habit of carrying my camera with me when I go to work. My photography always falls off during the winter but it feels like this year it’s worse than usual, and I really want to return to taking pictures just for the sake of the photos.

Today I was pretty late coming home from work, because we had a release party. On the way home, the weather was gorgeous, the light…well, frankly, the light was mediocre, but I felt like taking pictures anyway.

When the weather is good, and I’m not in a hurry, I take a roundabout route home. It goes down Assiniboine Avenue, through the Forks, over both the Assiniboine and Red rivers, and through the St. Boniface hospital campus. It’s a great ride, and full of places to stop and enjoy the view.

One of the perennial problems I have is not doing anything with my pictures after I take them. Posting pictures was one of the original goals of this blog, though, so this seems like the perfect venue to use.

I have no idea if anyone actually reads this thing :-). Still, putting pictures up makes me feel like I’m doing something, and gives me motivation to unload my camera and pick through my shots at the end of the day.

Who knows, maybe it’ll become a habit!


Posted on May 18, 2011, in Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I love the pictures of the trees!

  2. Dave & Ellen

    Keep posting and I’ll keep reading. Some very neat pic’s. Dad

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