This is only a test…

This is not a particularly important — or interesting — blog post. I’m just testing some iPad blogging tools that I’ve gotten, to see how well they work.

In the past, I’ve traveled with my netbook and used that for blogging, but now that I have my iPad, I think I’ll be leaving the netbook at home. After all, the iPad is smaller, lighter, more fun, and has a much better battery.

If you’re curious, the pictures I’m using for this test are all photos that I took in London, during about two hours in 2008. It was a short visit, and I’d love to go back.

Of course, Pamela’s there right now (hi Pamela!) I wanted to go with her but she wouldn’t let me.

Ok, that’s not true. I wanted to go with her but already had vacation plans this year. Apparently you have to work sometimes and can’t just go on trips all year. Bah.


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  1. Crikey, that didn’t work very well at all! The formatting is HORRIBLE!

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