Setting expectations

Something occured to me and Pamela the other day.

On “big trips”, it’s not unusual for the person or people taking the trip to return laden with souvenirs for those at home. However, this is New York, not Europe. The stuff here falls into two categories: Things you can get at home, and kitschy tourist trash.

Short version: We’re not really bringing any presents home 🙂

There are souvenirs here, of course. They’re everywhere, especially around some of the more tourist-heavy areas. And if someone’s life would be greatly enriched by a foam Statue Of Liberty crown, or a plastic replica of the Empire State Building, we could probably fill that void. But while we’ve had our eyes open for things that people might like, we’ve also assumed that you have the good taste to not want most of the stuff that we can buy.

I did briefly toy with the idea of brining home a suitcase full of “I heart N Y” t-shirts, especially when I saw a guy selling them for the can’t-miss price of 9 for $10. But I passed. After all, how do I know whether or not you actually heart N Y? I did end up buying one for myself, because it is the quintessential New York souvenir. Mine was ridiculously expensive, by the standards of most of the ones we saw: I paid a whole four dollars for it. At that rate, I should be able to wash it at least five times.

(Actually, with the street vendors here, one of the most “New York” souvenirs you can get would be something like a $2 t-shirt or a $3 necktie or a $6 handbag.)

So yeah. Hopefully you guys weren’t really expecting anything; if you were, well…we thought of you, we looked around, and it’s pretty much cheap junk from here to the horizon. Sorry.


Posted on September 10, 2010, in travel. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Don’t forget Dad’s newspaper!

  2. If cheap junk turns you off feel free to spend a couple on each person then! heheheehhehehehehe……

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