Airport adventures

Hi! I’m on a vacation! Actually, I’m in Ottawa airport. Just did the “baggage transfer” from the Canadian flight to the US-bound one. Kind of a weird experience, partly because it’s all in the weird “back” parts of the airport that look like you’re not allowed there, partly because it doesn’t fit the nomal “airport script”, partly because we were the only people doing this particular transfer so we were just wandering off doing out own thing while everyone else went to claim their baggage the normal way.

Oh, and 100% of the females transferring on our flight were “randomly” chosen for the backscatter full-body scan. (Which means: Pamela. Because there wasn’t anyone else.)

Anyway, we’re waiting for lunch now, hoping it arrives before our plan boards (which is in…twelve minutes), wondering why there aren’t any bathrooms on this side of security, and watching two toddlers who are completely hypnotized by, presumably, video on a laptop, but from here it just looks like they’re staring at a stroller.

It’s hard to explain, but this is a really weird surreal experience. The airport is very empty and very quiet, and the flight transfer was unusual…but our food’s here and I want to eat before we board!


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  1. Cute about the 100% scanner thing.

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