Getting lost in Nova Scotia

Today, we drove.

Mostly, we drove from Halifax, to Peggy’s Cove, to Lunenberg, to New Glasgow.

But that description omits so much of the flavout.

See, Peggy’s Cove and Lunenberg are west of Halifax, and New Glasgow is east of Halifax. Peggy’s Cove, Lunenberg, and Halifax are on the south coast, and New Glasgow is on the north coast (more or less). So we had a little backtracking to do, and a lot of options. Do we drive the scenic south shore route, or the scenic north shore route? Do we cross to the north shore on highway 10, 12, 14, 102, or 2? Do we try to get to Truro, New Glasgow, or Antigonish? Do we go back through Halifax or around it?

And how do we do it when all we have is one half-decent map, a GPS that’s really not designed for thsi sort of work, and four people trying to find turns?

But we made it!

Hotel-wise: We’re in the Country Inn And Suites. The rooms are ok, but there are a couple of good things going for it:

  1. They have free DVD rentals. Pamela and I flipped a coin, and we now have Kung Fu Panda.
  2. Not only do they have 24-hour coffee, tea, etc., like both previous hotels did, but they have a machine that makes a cup of hot chocolate for you on the spot, they have proper mugs instead of styrofoam cups, and they have a cookie jar full of free cookies. Score.

Touristy stuff and photos will come later…


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