Today, I picked up two promising books from the library: Photography and the Art of Seeing and Photographing the World Around You, both by Freeman Patterson.

Why? By accident, mostly. I was actually looking for a book on comic book art. I was reading an article talking about the graphic-novel-inspired compositions that are used to film Heroes, and I wanted to see if I could incorporate some of these elements in my photography.

But I didn’t find anything that interested me. So I started poking around the photography section instead, and found these books. I’ve just started the first, and one of the things that Patterson talks about is freely experimenting. And, of course, with a digital camera, there’s absolutely no reason not to.

The experiment that interested me the most was over/underexposing photos by 3 stops. And, while I feel the results were interesting and taught me something, I don’t think I got anything worth posting. But I did get two other pictures.

The first was inspired (loosely) by a story Patterson told about photographing spiderwebs. He mentions trying different angles and composition with the goal of capturing the emotive impact of the spiderweb, not just a documentary recording of the web’s shape. As I was reading this, the fading light was shining through some potted plants by our front window, and I took a dozen pictures of one of the plants. The result:

The second picture I got was of a small porcelain leopard that I’ve photographed many times, but this shot’s different that others that I’ve taken:

I’m fairly happy with both shots, not really because of the final results, but because of things I tried and learned along the way.


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