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Soon my creation will live!

Mar 6 – I’ve been playing a bit of mad scientist lately. A couple years ago I picked up a bunch of random components and a breadboard…sort of an adult version of one of those 50-in-1 kits. And I really didn’t do anything with them, until a few days ago. Now I’m planning on setting up a spare computer running xoscope, building the buffer circuit to protect the sound card, and tapping into the PC’s power supply to get power for the breadboard, sort of turning the machine into an electronics workbench.

(I’m not a geek at all, really!)


Funny place to park…

Mar 5 – (Missed the 4th!) In the morning, this car was parked on the sidewalk, all ready to drive into the mall. The car is now, in fact, in the mall — I think they’re giving it away or something. But the mystery is: the mall entrance is revolving doors. I have no idea how you get a Cadillac through revolving doors.

Another nuthatch.

Mar 3 – Or possibly the same one as before. I can’t really tell ’em apart…

Bouncing baby boy

Mar 2 – Another evening that resulted in a lot of Keith pictures. I haven’t posted the album yet, though…

Missed the bus, but got a good picture.

Mar 1 – While walking to my bus stop, I paused to take some pictures of this church in the freshly-fallen snow. After a few shots, I happened to look over and saw my bus driving away without me. Whoops. But about ten minutes later, I caught the express bus, and probably got home at the same time I would have anyway.

Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas

Feb 28 – I was trying to do something with the lights shining through the icicles that have recently grown on our eavestrough. Didn’t work out the way I had hoped, but I’m happy with the picture anyway.

Critical office supplies

Feb 27 – Yes, I missed the 26th. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later…

My 2-year-old MP3 player had barely been used until I started taking the bus to work. It goes well with my new eMusic subscription for the days that I don’t feel like reading on the bus.

Some party, eh?

Feb 25th – Apparently when you’re six months old, a beaded necklace is not an exciting toy.


Feb 24 – I’m sorry, I just absolutely can not come up with any sort of even moderately creative or clever title for a picture of slippers.

I  was actually concentrating on the patterns of light and shadow, and the slippers just happened to be there and added the focal point that the picture needed.

Goin’ home in the dark

Feb 23 – My regular bus stop is currently closed (for no obvious reason…it’s not like they’re working on the street or anything), so I have to walk a couple extra blocks now. The area around this other bus stop is a little more photographically interesting. This particular day, the weather was warm, making the roads wet, and it was after sunset but not pitch black, making for some nice colours. I took a bunch of pictures while waiting for the bus, and liked this one the most:

Pulling a DSLR  out of your backpack in a crowded bus shack attracts a little attention. People waiting for the bus are bored anyway, and a few of them were watching me with some degree of interest as I took these pictures:

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