Your move.

Can’t say I’m thrilled with today’s picture, for a few reasons.

First, it didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned it. I’m not 100% pleased with the composition, and I was hoping that I could get the background completely black (depending on your monitor, it might look completely black, in which case, yay!). The white balance is a little off, too, but not too much. And it’s not focused -quite- right…

Second, after taking this picture 36 times (different angles, different lighting, different backgrounds), I realized that the entire concept was flawed, because white moves first. But when I tried it with the colours reversed, I didn’t like it as much. So, it stays like this. Art triumphs over logic.

I’m still moderately pleased with the result, since it’s a more complex photo than another close-up or simple small object shot…doing another one of those would feel like a cop-out as far as a daily photo goes. And, I managed to get the post up on the same day, so that’s a step in the right direction. Don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow, though. I’m eagerly awaiting spring, which should bring me some better outdoor photo opportunities (and if it’s not -25C, I’ll be more inclined to spend time outside). But hey, it’s February 11th, and I haven’t missed a daily photo yet this year. 42 days down, 323 left to go!


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