Extreme macro photography, no special equipment required.

A little fooling around today resulted in this, an extremely magnified view of a mechanical pencil’s 0.5mm lead.

Not the most stunning composition, this is really only interesting for two reasons: You can rarely see the texture of a pencil lead like this, and I took this without a macro lens. Instead, I used my 75-300 telephoto with my 50mm lens reversed in front of it (acting like a giant close-up lens). Lighting was from my body-mounted flash with a piece of paper acting as a reflector. I had enough fun with it that I ordered a cheap ($5) reversing ring (so that I don’t need to hold the lens in place myself), and plan to build a better reflector out of foam-core board or something. Assuming it all works out, similar (but hopefully better) pictures will be showing up in a couple weeks…


Posted on February 10, 2007, in Photo 365, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. hmm….that sounds like fun to try! thanks for the idea!

  2. Well, once I have the whole kit together, I’ll probably put together a post showing it all off. I’ve been doing some experimentation, trying to find out how to use my equipment in new ways and expand my technique a bit.

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