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The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.

February 16th. All caught up again.

I’m taking the bus to and from work now. A little inconvenient, but I’m saving a remarkable amount of money on gas/parking. I took a few pictures while on the bus today (which I’ve considered before, but it seems inappropriate somehow). Most of them were out the window, trying to capture the gray day, and the general feeling of riding on a bus. But none of them really turned out. On the other hand, this one, which was really a throw-away shot, I ended up kind of liking.


Sunrise, sunrise.

February 15th. Dawn (pre-dawn?), from my kitchen window, as I get ready for work in the morning. This did not turn out -nearly- as well as I had hoped.

A kitchen, but no party.

February 14th. Really stuck for photo ideas today. Nothing particularly remarkable here.

Run away! Run away!

February 13th. I have no further comment.

Whosoever pulleth this sword from this stone…

February 12th – An experiment with dramatic lighting, using my favourite dagger as a subject. (A quite nice piece that I bought on impulse at West Edmonton mall. It’s actually a knock-off of a United Cutlery piece, but it’s a really high-quality imitiation. I’m very pleased with it.)

Your move.

Can’t say I’m thrilled with today’s picture, for a few reasons.

First, it didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned it. I’m not 100% pleased with the composition, and I was hoping that I could get the background completely black (depending on your monitor, it might look completely black, in which case, yay!). The white balance is a little off, too, but not too much. And it’s not focused -quite- right…

Second, after taking this picture 36 times (different angles, different lighting, different backgrounds), I realized that the entire concept was flawed, because white moves first. But when I tried it with the colours reversed, I didn’t like it as much. So, it stays like this. Art triumphs over logic.

I’m still moderately pleased with the result, since it’s a more complex photo than another close-up or simple small object shot…doing another one of those would feel like a cop-out as far as a daily photo goes. And, I managed to get the post up on the same day, so that’s a step in the right direction. Don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow, though. I’m eagerly awaiting spring, which should bring me some better outdoor photo opportunities (and if it’s not -25C, I’ll be more inclined to spend time outside). But hey, it’s February 11th, and I haven’t missed a daily photo yet this year. 42 days down, 323 left to go!

Extreme macro photography, no special equipment required.

A little fooling around today resulted in this, an extremely magnified view of a mechanical pencil’s 0.5mm lead.

Not the most stunning composition, this is really only interesting for two reasons: You can rarely see the texture of a pencil lead like this, and I took this without a macro lens. Instead, I used my 75-300 telephoto with my 50mm lens reversed in front of it (acting like a giant close-up lens). Lighting was from my body-mounted flash with a piece of paper acting as a reflector. I had enough fun with it that I ordered a cheap ($5) reversing ring (so that I don’t need to hold the lens in place myself), and plan to build a better reflector out of foam-core board or something. Assuming it all works out, similar (but hopefully better) pictures will be showing up in a couple weeks…

Vimy Ridge

February 10th: Winnipeg’s annual Festival du Voyageur is always marked by the construction of snow sculptures all over the city. This year, a replica of the Vimy Ridge war memorial has been built in front of the Manitoba Legislature:

It’s recognizable enough that when I saw the picture in the paper, I immediately knew what it was (having been fortunate enough to visit Vimy Ridge when I was in Europe a few years ago). It’s a little out of scale, though:

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I refuse to tell you what this is, #2

Not a lot of thought went into this shot 🙂

(And with that, I’m all caught up on the blog again. Maybe I can stay caught up this time…)

Dawn, as seen from my office window.

(February 7th) I took this shot out my office window, shortly after arriving at work. Yes, I start work at dawn. Actually, a few weeks ago, I was starting work *before* dawn, so I guess this is an improvement.