Our rabbit mooches off our birds

My picture for Saturday, January 27th:

We have this birdfeeder, and for some reason our birds don’t like it. It’s been filled all winter, but they just ignore it. We’ve had a birdfeeder in the same spot for years, but the latest model seems unpopular.

This really does have something to do with the rabbit, I promise.

About a week ago, a couple birds discovered this feeder (“Look! A bird feeder! Right where there’s been one for four years! Amazing!”), and apparantly told their friends, because it’s starting to see semi-regular traffic.

This delights our rabbit, who likes birdseed, but lacks the wings, high jump prowess, or telekinetic ability to actually get the birdseed. He just eats what the birds throw on the ground.

(Now that I think about it, maybe -he- told the birds…)

You may notice that this picture is terrible. Two things worked against me: shooting through glass (forcing me to crank up contrast and saturation in post) and foolishness: I was shooting at ISO 100, so my shutter speeds were really too low to handhold (yay image stabilization!)


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  1. Hehe… as much as this is a nice picture, I like the story that goes with it better. Your comments are sometimes half the fun of looking at your pictures.

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