A fairly uninspired shot today, taken right before bed. I -should- have gone out at lunch today — it was sunny and everything — but I didn’t. So instead, I played around with small object flash photography again. It’s an interesting technique that I haven’t used much in the past, and I like the results I’m getting. I have a fairly powerful flash, and with the automatic flash metering on my camera I can point it in all sorts of weird directions and still get the exposure right.

No close-up lenses today — I didn’t need them. The subject is a pair of painted stone penguins that I got as a Christmas gift from my sister.

I’m still not fully comfortable with flash photography, so I may be doing more of it over the next few weeks. The flash system on Canon’s EOS cameras is some sort of weird voodoo, and I don’t entirely have my head wrapped around it. I learned some useful approaches in my photography course, but haven’t really tried to apply them.


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