Rise of the machines

I spent all day today trying to track down a bizarre computer bug at work, and it turns out a platoon of them have invaded my house!

I was going through some derelict computer hardware of mine today, and took a whole bunch of photos. This one isn’t the best, but it amused me the most.

These were pretty experimental shots; I used my 18-55 lens with +1, +2, and +4 diopter close-up lenses. The shots were all handheld, and lit with bounced flash. I experimented with bouncing the flash in all sorts of weird directions (up, sideways, behind me, beyond the subject, and everywhere inbetween), and got a lot of pleasing results. My normal close-up technique is to use a tripod and 75-300 lens. That’s probably best for absolute sharpness, but tonight’s approach gave me a lot more freedom, allowing me to use angles I’d never get with a tripod. The wider lens also gave me more depth-of-field, and some interesting perspectives.

So, once again, this Photo 365 project made me try out something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and I learned something new.

More below:

This is my favourite of the bunch, though it’s pretty unimaginative:

A less easily-identifiable subject:

There’s a bunch more on my main gallery site – I didn’t want to post the whole set here, since that’s not really what this blog is for.


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