Churches! Churches!

It was an another extremely gray day today, but I wanted to actually get out with my camera instead of taking more pictures of random items lying around the house. Working with the weather meant I needed to change my style a bit, but of course that’s part of what this project is all about.

There are two churches near my office downtown, and I got one picture I like of each of them.

My official picture for the day:

A fairly plain perspective, but I like the tree arcing over the entrance. I had to get pretty low down (basically on my knees) to make sure the tree cleared the cross on the peak of the roof, andI think that added some extra impact to the angle. It makes the fence a more important element, too.

My second picture:

This church is practically right across the street from my office. I’ve photographed it before, but find that the surroundings make it a challenging subject. I’ve used this angle at least once before, but I like the monochrome, high-contrast treatment I gave it this time.

I did the same post-processing to both images: after developing the initial JPGs, I used Photoshop to convert them to monochrome using the Channel Mixer (red channel for the first image, blue for the second), increased the contrast with a curves layer, and then converted them to duotones (using Photoshop’s “mauve 4655 bl 3” preset). I generally like slightly tinted images (normally brown or orange) more than straight black-and-whites. Sometimes I use duotones, and other times I just colorize the image with Photoshop’s “Hue/Saturation” tool.


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