Snow and steel

Today’s picture: another one with my small camera downtown.

Strong lines, but I can’t decide whether or not I actually like it. I think there’s potential here, but I don’t think I really used it properly. I admit that it was a pretty quick shot. I also took a less experimental shot:

(The stairwell on the right edge of this picture is where the first one was taken.)
I like this one too, but I found the first one more interesting. Both are really compositions of lines, making use of the strong contrast between the brown steel and the fresh snow — I even boosted the contrast and saturation on the first shot. They both also rely on the very deep depth-of-field that the small digicam gives.

Side note: My DSLR takes pictures with an aspect ratio of 3/2 (the same as a frame of 35mm film, or a 4×6 print). My small camera, like most digicams, takes pictures with a 4/3 aspect ratio (the same as a typical computer monitor). I’m used to the DSLR, and if I crop my pictures, I almost always preserve the 3/2 aspect ratio. As a result, the digicam’s shots look unnaturally square to me.


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  1. I agree, there’s definite potential in the first, just some unidentifiable aspect missing. I also think the bars are a little too strong, perhaps if the focus had been behind them it would have worked. Or else taken slightly less close-up?

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