Photo 365 – Official kickoff

Here we go, my “official” Jan 1, 2007 photo for my Photo 365 project:

The images earlier today were interesting, but not particularly memorable. This isn’t exactly my best work either, but I’m not expecting to get a winner every day. It’s pretty abstract, and the composition isn’t very compelling. The snow wasn’t as translucent as I had hoped, either.

Also, I just found out that letting Windows resize my pictures during upload is a terrible idea, because the JPEG compression it used was absolutely awful. I thought I noticed it in the last picture of my previous post (which has since been replaced by a better copy), but it was really obvious in this one.

So…I’ve got my first picture up. Let’s see if anyone else follows suit…


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  1. This is the kind of picture I would take 🙂 Simple, in a way, yet interesting. I think it’s mostly the contrast in colours – that’s a beautiful blue – that catches the eye. I also love the effect of the sun on the snow.

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