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If the picture is bad enough, call it art.

Just like my bunny picture yesterday, my camera was set at ISO 100. The impact was worse today, so the pictures were blurry. I considered posting the least-blurry, but decided I liked the most-blurry better. The least blurry is below, though.

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Our rabbit mooches off our birds

My picture for Saturday, January 27th:

We have this birdfeeder, and for some reason our birds don’t like it. It’s been filled all winter, but they just ignore it. We’ve had a birdfeeder in the same spot for years, but the latest model seems unpopular.

This really does have something to do with the rabbit, I promise.

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Disengaging my brain on a Friday night

So, I’m -way- behind on the blog, but I -have- been taking pictures every day.

Friday, January 26th:

Two consecutive movies: Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 (birthday present), followed by Men In Black 2 (just happened to be on when the first movie was over). By the time it was all over, both Pamela (my lovely model) and I had lost all higher brain functions.

Day of the Triffids

A coworker pointed me at a set of insect photos today, and after reading the photographer’s description of his equipment and technique, I was all gung-ho to go home and take some close-ups of my own…

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A fairly uninspired shot today, taken right before bed. I -should- have gone out at lunch today — it was sunny and everything — but I didn’t. So instead, I played around with small object flash photography again. It’s an interesting technique that I haven’t used much in the past, and I like the results I’m getting. I have a fairly powerful flash, and with the automatic flash metering on my camera I can point it in all sorts of weird directions and still get the exposure right.

No close-up lenses today — I didn’t need them. The subject is a pair of painted stone penguins that I got as a Christmas gift from my sister.

I’m still not fully comfortable with flash photography, so I may be doing more of it over the next few weeks. The flash system on Canon’s EOS cameras is some sort of weird voodoo, and I don’t entirely have my head wrapped around it. I learned some useful approaches in my photography course, but haven’t really tried to apply them.

Rise of the machines

I spent all day today trying to track down a bizarre computer bug at work, and it turns out a platoon of them have invaded my house!

I was going through some derelict computer hardware of mine today, and took a whole bunch of photos. This one isn’t the best, but it amused me the most.

These were pretty experimental shots; I used my 18-55 lens with +1, +2, and +4 diopter close-up lenses. The shots were all handheld, and lit with bounced flash. I experimented with bouncing the flash in all sorts of weird directions (up, sideways, behind me, beyond the subject, and everywhere inbetween), and got a lot of pleasing results. My normal close-up technique is to use a tripod and 75-300 lens. That’s probably best for absolute sharpness, but tonight’s approach gave me a lot more freedom, allowing me to use angles I’d never get with a tripod. The wider lens also gave me more depth-of-field, and some interesting perspectives.

So, once again, this Photo 365 project made me try out something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and I learned something new.

More below:

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City life

There’s a little courtyard near where I work. It’s in the middle of downtown, with buildings on three sides (see picture below), all concrete…and yet there’s a Japanese garden in there, and a couple of trees that somehow survive.

(This, by the way, is my Jan 22 picture. I took it yesterday, but didn’t get around until posting it until today.)

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Technically, not much of a picture. The colours in particular are terrible…there are areas here that are simultaneously overexposed in one channel and underexposed in another. But I like the composition.


It’s Saturday, so I managed to get outside during daylight. Today’s picture is a pile of snow on top of our picnic table, lit by the setting sun.

I got a couple more decent ones, too:

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More old architecture.

Today’s picture: The Land Titles Building on Broadway.

Just like yesterday’s pictures, I increased the contrast a bit and added a slight sepia-tone effect (though not a duotone this time — just a simple tint). I got a few other decent shots, and they’re both in colour (ooh!):

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