Photo Friday: “Bright” — better late than never

I *took* this picture on Wednesday, but what with one thing and another (mostly another), I completely forgot to upload and submit it. Ah well.

This is in Jellybean Park (I’m going to keep calling it that; I like it better than Merchant Park). I got a few pictures of leaves that would qualify for “Bright”. This one actually had the least-bright leaves, and has been heavily tweaked to bring the foliage up to something interesting, but I loved the rainbows in the lens flare (which appeared without any tweaking). At some point, I decided that I wasn’t going to get an effect that looked at all “natural”, so contrast and saturation have been pushed to absolutely silly levels.

I’m not actually happy with this – I find the foliage still looks pretty drab, and meanwhile it’s been so heavily processed that it looks like, I don’t know, really bad film developed at a really bad lab – but I’m posting it anyway, partly to prove that I didn’t -really- miss Photo Friday this week, and partly because I just like those little rainbows that much.


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