Week 3 – Field trip! – Architectural Abstracts

For Week 3 of my Photo 2 course, we went to the Legislative Building. Three hours, ten photographers, beautiful architecture. I’ll be honest, I mostly ignored the assignment and just took pictures. One of the assignments was “Architectural Abstracts”, which I really enjoyed — I would have been taking some of these photos anyway.

Arches and bricks. It doesn’t get any more architectural than that. The course instructor was walking by while I was taking the above photo, and paused to see what I was doing. (Not while I was composing the photo; while I was taking the photo. It was a 25 second exposure.) When the review image came up on the LCD, he took one look at it and said, “Oh, very nice!”. I’m a little unhappy with the shadow in the upper left — I find it distracting — but overall I agree with him; I like this.

(Edit: Looking at this again, the image lacks something. I like the general composition, but the tones are pretty flat. I might have to play with this a bit.)

When I composed this picture, I wasn’t sure how much of that dead space to leave on the left. It’s pretty close to a 50/50 split now, but visually it’s weighted heavily towards the right. Overall, I’m pleased. A nice monochromatic image, with a nice interplay between the hard geometric shapes and the curves of the pillar. I like this one a lot more than I expected to.

These strike me as the sort of photographs you find hanging in a dentist’s office. Very neutral, but still nice to look at.


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