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Thoes rainy days…

One of this week’s assignments: Graffiti.


That’s a whole lot of happy…

This is the mural that the helicopter shot I posted earlier came from. The nameless alleyway that this is in is fairly narrow, so this is stitched together from five (!) pictures, taken at 18mm. The distortion on the panorama is pretty wild; I’ve corrected it a fair bit, but it still shows.

Photo Friday: “Bright” — better late than never

I *took* this picture on Wednesday, but what with one thing and another (mostly another), I completely forgot to upload and submit it. Ah well.

This is in Jellybean Park (I’m going to keep calling it that; I like it better than Merchant Park). I got a few pictures of leaves that would qualify for “Bright”. This one actually had the least-bright leaves, and has been heavily tweaked to bring the foliage up to something interesting, but I loved the rainbows in the lens flare (which appeared without any tweaking). At some point, I decided that I wasn’t going to get an effect that looked at all “natural”, so contrast and saturation have been pushed to absolutely silly levels.

I’m not actually happy with this – I find the foliage still looks pretty drab, and meanwhile it’s been so heavily processed that it looks like, I don’t know, really bad film developed at a really bad lab – but I’m posting it anyway, partly to prove that I didn’t -really- miss Photo Friday this week, and partly because I just like those little rainbows that much.

Week 3 – Field trip! – Architectural Abstracts

For Week 3 of my Photo 2 course, we went to the Legislative Building. Three hours, ten photographers, beautiful architecture. I’ll be honest, I mostly ignored the assignment and just took pictures. One of the assignments was “Architectural Abstracts”, which I really enjoyed — I would have been taking some of these photos anyway.

Arches and bricks. It doesn’t get any more architectural than that. The course instructor was walking by while I was taking the above photo, and paused to see what I was doing. (Not while I was composing the photo; while I was taking the photo. It was a 25 second exposure.) When the review image came up on the LCD, he took one look at it and said, “Oh, very nice!”. I’m a little unhappy with the shadow in the upper left — I find it distracting — but overall I agree with him; I like this.

(Edit: Looking at this again, the image lacks something. I like the general composition, but the tones are pretty flat. I might have to play with this a bit.)

When I composed this picture, I wasn’t sure how much of that dead space to leave on the left. It’s pretty close to a 50/50 split now, but visually it’s weighted heavily towards the right. Overall, I’m pleased. A nice monochromatic image, with a nice interplay between the hard geometric shapes and the curves of the pillar. I like this one a lot more than I expected to.

These strike me as the sort of photographs you find hanging in a dentist’s office. Very neutral, but still nice to look at.

It’s Keith!

He’s…four weeks old now (exactly), I believe. Second time I’ve seen him, second time I’ve photographed him. I pulled the camera out shortly after he got to our house, someone commented on it, and his mother said, “Darryl can photograph him as much as he wants.”

So there. 🙂

Canon EF 50/1.8 II; 1/60 @ f/4.0; ISO 200; handheld; bounced flash; RAW.

Post-processing: Converted to 16 bit in Camera RAW. Soft focus effect achieved via two Gaussian blur layers. Channel mixer layer added to combine red and green channels 50/50 to monochrome. Levels adjustment layer added to achieve desired contrast. Color fill layer blended in to add slight sepia toning.

I think this would be slightly better if I knocked the background out entirely. It’s mostly featureless right now, which I like, but there are a couple lighter areas that I find a little distracting. I’m going to give it a few days before I do any more work on it, though.

No Parking

I’ve seen some great black-and-white photography lately, which is something I don’t do nearly as often as I’d like to. Started playing around with some shots I took on a recent walk around downtown. I think that this image, which I found fairly drab in the original, really comes out in monochrome (though actually the small picture here doesn’t seem to have the same contrast as it does in a larger version…weird.)


Giant jellybeans, to be specific. First attempt at my “urban abstract” assignment; not real happy with it. I’ll come back here later, I think. (This is the “Jellybean Park” art installation in Merchant Park.)

Well, who doesn’t?

Photo Friday – Boy

Ok, I absolutely and completely admit: This “Boy” shot was just a side effect of the “Candid” assignment I was trying to shoot for my photography class. But hey, it’s a boy!

Week 1 assignments

Finally finished (sort of) my “homework” for week 1 of my photography course. I had one week to get pictures fitting the descriptions “Window Light”, “Candid”, “Cloudscapes”, and “Same place different times” (all to be shot at ISO 800). It’s harder than one might think to fit four assignments into one week, especially with a busy Saturday…

A reflected cloudscape:
A reflected cloudscape

Look, I can go fishing -and- get candid photos:

Contrails at the lake:

Silhouettes on the shade: